Lightship Strategies Inc. provides professional planning and engagement services in northern, rural, or culturally-sensitive contexts. Lightship’s services fall in the space between communities and development. All projects focus on developing an idea into a project that works for the community. Clients include Provincial, Federal and Indigenous Governments, Band Councils, Municipalities and Private Sector Clients.


Lightships are vessels that serve as navigation markers in areas that are too remote or that have impossible terrain. They are impartial, guiding, resilient and soft Infrastructure that becomes part of the landscape.


Lightship Strategies embodies this concept; we provide insight without forcing a direction. Primarily we serve as an aid to navigation, supporting understanding of the development process and getting feedback from anyone who might be impacted. We remain flexible and sensitive in difficult areas or politically charged projects and distill a guiding vision. 


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Engagement  & Conversations
  • Navigating engagement requirements and methods;

  • Development of an engagement  program;

  • Facilitation of Community Meetings and Interviews;

  • Pre-engagement meetings with community to determine engagement methid; and,

  • Development of respectful, inclusive materials for all audiences.

Community-led Planning & Development Strategies
  • Programming

  • Best Practices and Research

  • Funding

  • Feasibility

  • Concept Development

  • Policy Direction and Writing

  • Visioning

  • RFP/EOI Development

  • Capacity Development and Procurement

Project Management
  • Client liaison

  • Project Planning

  • Project Scoping

  • Schedule and Budget Tracking

  • Leadership



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