Lightship Strategies Inc. provides professional planning and engagement services in northern, rural, or culturally-sensitive contexts. Lightship’s services fall in the space between communities and development. All projects focus on developing an idea into a project that works for the community. Clients include Provincial, Federal and Indigenous Governments, Band Councils, Municipalities and Private Sector Clients. 

What is a lightship? Lightships are boats that serve as beacons in areas that are remote or that have impossible terrain. They are impartial, guiding, resilient and soft infrastructure that works within the landscape. Like a lightship, insight and guidance are provided, without forcing a direction. Lightship Strategies Inc. acts as an aid to navigation, supporting understanding of the development process and working within ever-changing and sensitive contexts.

The company is underpinned by the following values: 

Community-Directed: Community collaboration means incorporating feedback into a design, strategy, development or policy in a significant way. Respect for local or Traditional Knowledge and collaborating directly with community members (through conversation, hiring, or mentorship) is essential to project success.


Flexibility: Things change. Sometimes in northern and rural areas, we need to be flexible to weather, community events, or unexpected delays. Space for change and the unexpected is built into projects from the beginning, because being flexible allows for new opportunities. 

Simplicity: Sometimes, policy and development processes are confusing. Communicating effectively means communicating things the simplest way - in a way that is meaningful and accessible to all.

Cultural Sensitivity: Being sensitive to culture can help enhance the quality of a project and gather more community support and pride in a development. Engagement can have negative impacts on participants. Cultural sensitivity includes cultural safety and reducing potential risks of engagement activities.

01/ Community Outreach

Lectures & Presentations

Coming Up!

- Northern Lights Conference, February 8, Ottawa

- Shift Equity Conference, Pecha Kucha, March 5, Halifax

Past Events

- Planning Practice,  Dalhousie School of Planning

02/ Community Support


-  Team 67, Namushum, Cains Quest

- Youth Program, Labrador Friendship Centre

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