Diversity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism Action Plan for Kings County

Lightship Strategies Inc., Indigevisor Advisory and Consulting and Live Infinitus are collaborating on the updated Action Plan for Ending Racism and Discrimination in the Municipality of the County of Kings, Nova Scotia. Originally implemented in 2012, updating this Action Plan is essential to ensure Kings County grows as a safe and comfortable community for newcomers and diverse residents, including but not limited to African and Black Nova Scotians, Mi’kmaq and other Indigenous peoples, sexual and gender diverse individuals, disabled community groups, and other ethnic and language groups. Using an equity and justice lens, this team is leading

Rightsholder and stakeholder groups, other focus groups, and general public sessions through an intensive week of engagement sessions to understand how the initial Action Plan has worked, what has not worked, and where the community would like to grow and evolve.

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