Renée Kuehnle is a professional planner that focuses on community-
led development work, predominantly with Indigenous Communities.

Renee founded Lightship Strategies Inc. in March2019. Her strength is design, strategy and strategic planning, and communication and she works in a wide variety of areas- from buildings and land to people and policy.
She is passionate about building capacity and implementing new ideas
within Labrador and has successfully completed many multidisciplinary
research, planning, and buildings projects. Renee prides herself on
her ability to listen to community, understand their needs, and deliver
projects that are designed to work within their context and culture. Renee
has experience with engagement and feasibility work with multi-faceted
Steering Teams and involving extensive consultation sessions with
multiple communities in sensitive contexts.

President, Planner & Intern Architect

Hanna Daltrop has deep attachments to both the East and West Coasts of Canada. Since 2018, Hanna has been in Halifax studying at Dalhousie University in the Masters of Planning program after completing a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations and Geography and a Diploma in Social Justice Studies. She is currently researching how cities are incorporating UNDRIP and the TRC's Calls to Action into planning strategies.

Planning Intern
HANNA DALTROP, B.A., MPlan Candidate

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